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Buying or selling a house is a big deal. It means you’re moving on.

Whether you’re buying your first home or selling your 10th home, the team at Milton Lakvold wants to be part of the process. We can help you stay out of the details and focus instead on moving and adjusting to your new neighborhood.

The real estate process is complex. But, it doesn’t have to be stressful – especially when you’re working with us.

Why Choose Us?

At Milton Lakvold Real Estate, our main focus is establishing quality relationships with clients who place a significant importance on representation. We pride ourselves on having the ability to provide our clients with the most accurate and valuable information which ultimately leads to intelligent decision-making. If you’re in the market to buy or sell real estate, call us to arrange a no-obligation consultation. We want to hear your specific needs as well as share with you our unique approach to the buying or selling process.
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Understanding the Value of Baton Rouge Real Estate

Accurately pricing the home you want to sell is a crucial part of getting the attention of potential buyers. If you’re not sure what your house will sell for on the market, let’s start there.

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You may decide that the price is not where you want it to be, and you’ll hold onto your asset a little longer. We’re okay with that. We won’t push you to sell when the time’s not right.

We use innovative technology, tools, and resources, as well as our own experience, when we’re pricing your Baton Rouge home. We’ll consider things like age, location, condition, and size. We’ll evaluate what other homes are selling for, and how long they had to stay on the market before any potential buyers paid attention.

Count on us to price your property at a place that ensures a quick and profitable sale.

Selling homes throughout Baton Rouge, including Southdowns, Garden District, St George, Shenandoah, Woodlawn, Inniswold, and Kenilworth.

Baton Rouge Market Knowledge

No one knows the Baton Rouge real estate market like our team. We stay on top of the trends and we watch where things are going. Staying educated in our field and our market is one of the things that drives our success.

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Our agents bring our sellers up to speed on things like:

  • Other comparable homes available for sale and how they compare
  • Supply vs. demand
  • When to change the price and when to leave it alone
  • Whether or not it’s the right time to be selling in the first place

We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach, and we won’t tell every potential seller that now is the best time. We determine this by talking to them about their goals first and understanding what’s going on in their market.

Buying and selling Baton Rouge properties in, Pollard, Capital Heights, Oak Hills, Hundred Oaks, Central, Biltmore, Americana, and Audubon Lakes.


Negotiating the Best Deal for You

We negotiate creatively on your behalf. The advice we provide sets us apart from other Baton Rouge area real estate agents. We believe in boldly and aggressively representing our client’s interest.

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This often involves more than simply filling in the blanks on a generic form. We have the ability to recommend courses of action and phrases to insert to any offer that are both protective and positive.

Negotiating home sales in 70809, 70810, 70808, 70817, 70816, 70818, 70739, 70714, 70791, 70806, 70808, 70726, 70769, 70776, and 70739.

“Upon obtaining a buyer, Chad displayed skill and tact in getting the buyer and myself to keep the deal alive, in getting cool heads to prevail, reminding us of the big picture and not letting little, petty issues sour the deal.”

Luis and Pamela Madero

Whether you need to buy, sell, or rent, we will serve all of your property-related needs.

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