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Our Team

Chad Milton

Chad Milton

Darrell Lakvold

Darrell Lakvold

Shane Barksdale

Shane Barksdale

Gay Milton

Gay Milton

Who We Are

Chad Milton and Darrell Lakvold knew each other prior to starting their careers in Real Estate over 20 years ago. They both had the same part-time job while attending college. Neither knew at that time that their paths would later cross.

After graduating LSU, Darrell started his career in the field of appraisal working with local appraiser, Dave Englund. Then, in 1994 he opened his own appraisal practice which he still owns and operates today. Around that time, Chad began working for one of the larger Real Estate companies in Baton Rouge, DSK Realtors (which later merged with Burns and Company Realtors). Shortly thereafter, the two became reacquainted after Darrell and his wife reached out to Chad for assistance with buying their new home.

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Since this time their relationship has consisted of almost daily communication about the local Real Estate market. Realizing the advantage this relationship would allow their future clients, the decision to combine resources just made sense. “There are things about our industry that are wonderful and there are things that are definite head-scratchers. Both of which most consumers probably aren’t aware of” says Chad. We want to make it our mission to educate our clients on the pertinent issues that influence their real estate decisions and we feel we’re in the best possible position to do so.

What We Believe

We will work with you to buy, sell and manage your real estate

Our role consists of more than matching people to properties. Advising consumers is the real task of the agent. Our advice revolves around these three specific areas: understanding real value, understanding your market, and exposing contractual liability. Consumers come into and out of the market as needed. We’re in it all the time and have seen the long term effects of both bad and good decisions.

Having your own agent makes more sense

In Louisiana, as well as 45 other states, the right for one agent to represent both the buyer and seller on the same transaction (known as dual agency) exist. Although this is a legal way of doing business, this doesn’t make it the best way. Rarely would you see an attorney representing both the plaintiff and defendant. Therefore we believe that real estate transactions should be treated the same.

“We were lucky to have the privilege of working with Chad Milton. Our sale of our home became rather strange, but Chad pulled us through and made it happen. And he did it all while we were in our new home in Texas. Chad did what had to be done without prompting from us. His initiative and dedication to his clients needs to be commended!”

Paul and Anita Wolf

What People Are Saying About Us

5.0 /5
4 Reviews

Jul 9, 2021
Milton Lakvold Real Estate Brooke
Shane was always very helpful.
Jul 1, 2021
Milton Lakvold Real Estate Jocelyn
Shane was the best!
May 26, 2021
Milton Lakvold Real Estate Miguel
Shean was always helpful, and quick on repairs, no problem at all.
May 4, 2021
Google Milton Lakvold Real Estate Katelyn
I have bought 2 homes with Chad Milton and sold 1! I recommend him to anyone and they have also had amazing experience with him.

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