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Welcome to Milton Lakvold Real Estate and Property Management, where we understand that buying or selling a home can be a stressful journey. We’re here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience. Let us help you make your property dreams a reality.


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When we work with you to buy a home, you can expect reliable information and experienced negotiating skills.

We will help you think about the purchase more like a business transaction. Becoming emotionally attached to a home you may want to buy is natural and normal. That’s why we’re here. We help our clients decide if the property is priced correctly and meets all their lifestyle and budget needs.

You can expect detailed, accurate, and transparent information that will help you make the best decisions and provide for the best negotiating position.


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We understand the market and use that experience to establish an accurate asking price for your home.

The square footage of a home isn’t the only indicator of value. Supply and demand, quality of construction, condition, lot size, and amenities can all affect value. Understanding how these factors influence the sale of your property is imperative to get you the best price. We are told by sellers often that the information we supply them differs from what they either thought or have been told by others. And we don’t doubt this.


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The right rental value for your property in Baton Rouge will set you up for profits and pain-free investing with property management services that you can trust.

Many landlords we meet are confused about how to price their rental home. Rent that’s too low loses money right away, and it’s hard to catch up to market rates. Rent that’s too high will only leave your property vacant, and that’s expensive, too.At Milton Lakvold Real Estate, we analyze reliable market data to give you the best range for your home. Contact us for a free consultation of what your rental property is worth!

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